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We are one of the most trusted and eminent Immigration Consultants in Canada. Our aim is to deliver services that help prospective immigrants in filing error-proof applications and gathering other necessary documents.

At Complete Care Visa Consultants, we sight at offering an exceptional experience to our clients considering their importance of the decision. We are not only here to help you find the right way to reach Canada but also a process that is faster, easier and more efficient.

Rigorous Eligibility Screening

A session of thorough pre-screening of the applicant is the first step before embarking on the Immigration process to obtain favourable results.

Error-free Applications

Our team of professional consultants work with you to curate an error-proof application.

Personalized Solutions

We thrive to develop an effective immigration strategy for each client individually based on their scenario.
What do we do?

We aspire to curate seamless experiences for you.

Unlike other Immigration Consultancy, we provide innovative services in the city of Surrey in Canada, that will helps you save your time and money. Besides this we have:

Authorized and experienced staff

Complete information on the Canadian Immigration process, laws and guidelines.

The right response to a wide range of queries.

Incredibly high consistency.

Low Turnaround times


We make the visa process faster. Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

Student Visa / PGWPP

Canada has been gaining popularity as a booming hub for international students intending to take education from top-class universities.
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Express Entry Applications

It is basically not a program but is a system that manages applications of three immigration programs, each of them focused on skilled workers.
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Work Permit for Vistors in Canada

If you belong from a Visa-exempt country then you don’t require a visa to go to Canada for visitor or tourist purposes.
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Spouse Open Work Permit

There are different eligibility criteria that apply for different types of Permit all around the globe. Likewise, the eligibility criteria for Spouse Open Work Permit in Canada differs from any other nation.
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Parents / Grandparents Super Visa

A super visa permits you to visit your children or grandchildren for up to 2 years at a time. It is a multi-entry visa and is valid for 10 years.
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Visitor Visa Applications

Visitors are persons who are not Canadian Citizens but wish to visit Canada either for tourism purposes or to visit their family/friends/relatives or for business-related purposes.
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Refused Immigration Files

You applied for a Canadian Visa and it got refused. No need to panic.There can be any reason from the list why you received a refusal letter for your Visa Application.
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