Born in 1975, Northern Light College was built with a vision of providing quality education to students from across the world. Originally built on what was a closed military station, Northern Light College now has spread it’s campuses to several locations, including Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, and Tumbler Ridge among other places. The college also operates centers of excellence in the field of Oil and Gas, Clean Energy Technology, and Aerospace. Each of these locations provides state of the art education facilities to both local & international students. At any given time, you can find atleast 10,000 students enrolled in over 60 programs being run by NLC.

All the courses offered at NLC are designed to give the students a hands on experience with the subject. This is especially beneficial in a time & age of growing competition & exceeding expectations both on the parts of workers & employees. The goal is to make sure that when a student graduates from NLC, he/she is fully prepared to face anything they might face in the work space. To check what courses are available for your own field of interest, click here.

Once you have selected the course you want to enroll in, you have to submit your application with proper documentation to NLC. It cost CAD $100 to apply for admission. Unlike other colleges however, the fee structure is quite unique at NLC. Instead of a bulk sum, students have to pay for each “Contact Hour”. This way, students only pay for the time they study at the college. In addition to this, there are also certain Student Services & Instruction Related Fees that cover all the campus facilities utilized by students during their studies & residence in the college. To know what fees you might have to pay while your stay at NLC, click here:

When it comes to services, NLC believes in providing students with all the creature comforts needed to help them focus on studies in a stress free environment. This includes clean & spacious living spaces where you can live & work with your classmates. Dining facilities is the second most important need for students after residence. There are several cafetarias across the different campuses of NLC that serve delicious restaurant grade food to students. This food is made with collaboration of professional chefs & culinary students. This way culinary students get practical experience & the rest of the student body gets to taste amazing new dishes. The same goes for the Salon & Spa Services. These unique learning experiences give students the confidence needed to face the job market.

The whole NLC method of study is aimed at providing students with an one of a kind learning experience where working with a skill is equally important to learning about it. If you think the NLC life is for you, then do contact our agents & we will make it happen for you.